Are you browsing Shopee for hours to find new products to sell?

Do you have data to support your ideas?

'Top sales' doesn't tell you much because you won't know how the product is selling day by day. It could be a just a one day sales. And it can be competitive to sell.

We're interested in trending product - products that are starting to sell fast and consistently over time.

These are products that have yet to be in the top selling list, but have the potential.

Shoperware Trend helps you to brainstorm new products easier.


Ranking ideas for you daily

Our ranking algorithm helps you find products that are selling well and have consistent sales over time.

We're not interested with products that sold a lot in the past but have no sales lately. We want products that people are buying now.

Every day, you'll get a fresh list of products ranked in every Shopee category. You can even see the product trend by clicking on each product.

Product trend

Being an early seller

If you're a risk taker, you'll want to know products that show the earliest sign of potential.

Sort our trend database by 'rank changes' to see products that have large increase in rank. These are products that people are buying more lately and have the potential to hit the top sales in the future.

Rank changes

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