Your product that was selling well 2 months ago has no sales lately.

Could it be your competitors reduced their price and you're unaware of it?

Or a better version of your product was launched?

Shoperware Tracker ensures you're always up-to-date with how your competitors are doing and the overall health of your market.

Track entire shop or keyword

See how the market is performing to evaluate your strategy. Track by keyword, shop or product.

Discover new products that are selling well before it's too late for you to enter.

Tracking data

What caused their sales?

Shoperware Tracker is updated daily so you'll know every movement in your market including:

  • price changes
  • product removed
  • new products added
  • products on promotions
  • sales and stock changes
  • which variation is selling fast
  • change in listing title, description and images


Benefit of tracking early

Tracker data starts from the day you create a tracker. So start tracking now to see more data in the future.

Start tracking to keep your business healthy and make smart decisions in the future.
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