Product research

Say you're considering to sell 'popcorn' in Shopee.

There are two things that you'd want to know:

  1. What the selling price in the market?
  2. How much can you expect to earn?

Knowing these data ahead can help you save thousand of dollars from sourcing the wrong product.

With Shoperware Product Research tool, you can quickly validate a product to sell.

Is there market demand?

Enter a keyword to get an estimated revenue and selling price for your product.

Product Research

Here are stats that will help you validate your idea:

  • total sales
  • review count
  • average selling price
  • sales in the last 30 days
  • number of sellers and their sales

Which flavor sells best?

You can also zoom in to see which product variation is selling well.

No more guessing around what the market wants.

Variation data

Feel confident launching your next product with Shoperware.

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