Pricing plans
Special limited time offer
50% off premium yearly plan - lifetime!
Only for the first 5 premium subscribers.
Why are we doing this?
We're a new start-up and first of its kind in Malaysia. Your trust in our software means a lot to us as we continue building new tools to help your e-commerce business.
What you'll get:
  • Every feature in Premium plan.
  • Access to future tools with no price increase, forever.
  • Lifetime 50% off your premium plan.
For new sellers finding more products to sell.
RM 49 / month
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  • 100 product researches a month
  • 3 product tracker
For sellers looking to grow your store.
Most popular
RM 299 / month
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  • 1000 product researches a month
  • 150 product tracker
  • 2 keyword tracker
  • 2 shop tracker
  • daily trend report
For sellers looking to stay competitive.
RM 699 / month
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  • unlimited product researches
  • 1000 product tracker
  • 20 keyword tracker
  • 20 shop tracker
  • daily trend report
Common questions
Do you offer discounts?
Yes. When you pay for a yearly account upfront, you'll get 20% discount.
What countries are supported?
Shoperware is currently supporting Malaysia Shopee marketplace. We have plans to expand our coverage to other countries and marketplaces.
Will we be charged when our trial is up?
No. We don't ask for your credit card upfront for the 14 days trial. You'll only be charged when you decide you're ready. If you want to continue after your trial, we'll ask for your payment details.
What if we need a longer trial?
We're happy to give you more time to familiarize yourself. Just let us know and we'll get in touch with you.
Can we cancel at any time?
Yes, there's no minimum contract with us, so you can cancel any time. If you're on the yearly plan, we'll refund any unused months.
Have more questions?
Talk to us . We'd be happy to answer them.