Know your chances of selling well with Opportunity Score

How can you prevent wasting thousands sourcing a product that's hard to sell in Shopee?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a probability number to show how likely a product can sell?

Then you'll want to use our new Opportunity Score in Product Research.

What does the score mean?

Opportunity Score gives a score between 0 to 100 for the keyword you search. It gives you a probability score of selling in that keyword. Here's what each score means to you:

10 or below

This is a sign that no one is searching and buying in that keyword.

10 to 30

This means your keyword doesn't have enough demand or the competition is too high.

30 to 50

You'll find many products in this range. Try to find related keywords with an Opportunity Score above 50 and so you have a better chance of selling your products.

50 to 70

This is the sweet spot. We recommend new sellers find products with a score above 50 to sell.

70 to 100

Finding a score of 90 and above is rare because there are sellers in almost every keyword. We've seen high scores in new keywords that have lots of searches but not enough sellers to keep up.

If you find one, keep it to yourself because you may have hit a jackpot.

How is the score calculated?

Shoperware Opportunity Score predicts how well a product will sell in Shopee. It uses an in-house algorithm that considers:

  • Demand: sales and units sold.
  • Competition: number of sellers and reviews.
  • Shopee marketplace economy

The Opportunity Score can change if you search again next week or month. We recommend getting the Opportunity Score periodically to check for seasonality and trends.

Where can you use Opportunity Score?

It's now live in Product Research for all paid subscribers.

Search a keyword and the Opportunity Score will appear.

Combine this score with the potential revenue and sales number, you're on the fast track to success.

Go hunt for your next opportunity now.


Validate ideas faster

P.S. Use long-tail keywords like 'face mask for large face'. You'll be surprised people search for these keywords.

5 hours ago